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Member Testimonials

“We have been AMBA members now for over a decade. Our business profits rely on three main areas – quality materials, quality workmanship and great customer/vendor relations. The AMBA has been key in helping us with all three. The relationship AMBA has with Ohio Carbon Blank just recently provided a substantial savings on our AR-12 graphite purchase. Thank you AMBA and Ohio Carbon Blank for forging these vendor relationships and helping Choice Tool & Mold succeed.“

Matthew Morey, Purchasing Manager
Choice Tool & Mold

Welcome to our new website! I would like to thank all of our members for their patience during this time of improvement and growth. We are thrilled to offer a new and improved website that will allow you to take better advantage of your membership and services. I invite you to visit a brand new section of our site "Members Helping Members", a members Only section that allows you to communicate and interact with the ENTIRE AMBA MEMBERSHIP at any time!

Troy Nix, Executive Director

AMBA as an organization is the best of the best. Some of my best business decisions have come about from discussions with other AMBA members. The shared wisdom from AMBA members allows you to step away from the “world is against me” attitude, to one that “unity amongst ourselves” will allow us to compete in the global market that confronts us today.

Scott Phips, President
United Tool & Mold

"AMBA is a great way to talk to people that have the same issues as I do and you get ideas, encouragement, but most of all, wonderful friendships with folks all across the US AMBA is a very effective, useful tool in the day-to-day operations of a mold manufacturing business."

Steve Rotman, President
Ameritech Die & Mold