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The American Mold Builder Magazine

The American Mold Builder Magazine

The 4-color, quarterly publication has a circulation of 5,000 print and 2,000 digital views per issue. The publication contains the latest industry trends, global and technical issues, goverment relations, sales/marketing, human resources, finance, education, insurance and member/chapter news.

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March 2018:

Learn more about the 2018 industry outlook, read about the 2018 Mold Builder of the Year award winner, review the NPE2018 and more!

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December 2017:

Check out the 2018 AMBA Annual Conference preview to see what's scheduled in Grand Rapids, MI, learn more about AMBA's Educational Outreach Award winners, see the 2018 industry outlook and more.

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September 2017:

Learn how some members are impacting millenials, AMBA awards $60,000 in grant money and get an update on the outlook for 3D metal printing.

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June 2017:

AMBA announces Mold Builder and Tooling Trailblazer of the Year award winners, read up on equipment maintenance, learn to find efficiencies in mold building and more!

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March 2017:

Get the insight to the 2017 AMBA Annual Conference, DOL issues regarding disability-related claims, job scheduling challenges and more!

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December 2016:

In this issue learn about how AMBA's Skills Certification program can impact employee training, steps to prevent workplace violence, a preview for the upcoming 2017 Plastec West show and much more!

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September 2016:

This issue features articles on Light's-Out Machining, how to enhance productivity using CAD/CAM, how to prevent a disaster with regards to data backup and storage and more!

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June 2016:

The AMBA Annual Conference "Triggers Brilliance", see who won Mold Builder of the Year and Chapter of the Year, and get the scoop on 2016 business predictions for the mold building industry.

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March 2016:

Learn more about how laser texturing adds levels of in-mold decoration possibilities, get an AMBA 2016 Conference preview, read up on optimizing mold shop productivity with ERP systems, and MORE!

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December 2015:

Find out how Westminster Tool is building their culture, learn more about reducing setup time, along with how to avoid common pricing mistakes in this issue! Get up-to-date with association news and MORE!

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September 2015:

In this issue understand the basics of mold steel, get answers to mold venting questions, factors to consider when adding robotics and MORE!

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June 2015:

The AMBA Conference sets the cadence for organizational leadership, healthy mold maintenance strategies are shared, read about OSHA's top list of common sitations and MORE!

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March 2015:

2015 Winter

The 2015 Annual Conference registration is launched, Wage & Benefit trends are released, and an NPE2015 show preview are all included in this issue, and MORE!

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October 2014:

2014 Fall

In this issue, read about trends in mold manufacturing, AMBA's first dual plant tour workshop, member celebrates 50 years in mold building and more.

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July 2014:

2014 Summer

In this issue read about Cardinal Manufacturing and their student-run manufacturing success, see who received AMBA's Mold Builder of the Year and Chapter of the Year awards, read about cyber-crime trends, look at the annual conference wrap and much more.

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June 2014:

2014 Spring

In this issue of TAMB learn more about manufacturing and the American economy, understand more about high-speed milling and closing the future tooling capacity gap in the automotive industry.

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February 2014:

2014 Winter

In this issue of TAMB, readers will get information about the upcoming AMBA Annual Conference 2014, read about the Ameritech Plant Tour Workshop, learn about 3D printing evolutions, as well as understand how the automotive industry impacts US mold builders.

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November 2013:

2013 Fall Issue

In this issue of TAMB, readers will learn about efficiencies with collapsing core technology, how-to's for selecting a commerical heat treater, along with the conclusion to AMBA's special tribute to Charter Members.

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August 2013:

2013 Summer Issue


In this issue of TAMB readers will read about a special tribute to AMBA's Charter Members, in addition a special report on health care reform and how the Affordable Care Act impacts businesses.

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May 2013:

2013 Spring Issue

In this issue of TAMB readers will learn about how advanced technologies are available and almost necessary when medical molding and processing. In addition, there is a special report on the partnership with iWarriors and AMBA and how this joint effort reached out to US Marines.


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February 2013:

2013 Winter Issue

In this issue of TAMB readers can read about enforceable mold liens require strict adherence to procedures. As well as, an overview of the AMBA's State of the Industry report.

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